Degree Programs

Degree Programs

Undergraduate Programs

-Bachelor of Music-

Vocal Music:Vocal Music, Vocal Performance Course
Instrumental Music Piano Course, Piano Performance Course, Piano
Performance Course “Excellence”
Piano and Composition Major Course,
Composer-Pianist Superior Course, Harpsichord, Organ
 Violin, Viola, Cello, Contrabass, Harp, Classical Guitar
  Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, Saxophone
  Trumpet, Horn, Trombone, Euphonium, Tuba, Percussion
Composition Composition for Fine Art / Film Scoring
  E-guitar,base, drums Songwriting
Conducting Conducting
Music Education Applied Music Studies, Applied Instrumental Music Studies, Applied Vocal Music studies.
Liberal Arts  
Symphonic Wind
(April, 2019)

Academic Calendar for 2017

Spring Semester 1st April, 2017 - 31st July, 2017
Summer Vacation 1st August - 3rd September, 2017
Fall Semester 4th September - 31st March, 2018

Spring Semester ? April 1 to July 31

April 3 Entrance Ceremony (Welcome Ceremony)
April 3/4 Medical Check-Up
April 4 Orientations
April 6 Spring Semester Classes & lessons begin
April 24 Last day for registration
May 1 School Foundation Day
July Mid-year Performance Juries
July 24 Last day of Lessons
July 26 Last day of Classes

Fall Semester - 4th September - 31st March, 2018

September 7 Fall Semester Classes begin
September 11 Fall Semester Lessons begin
November 3/4 TCM Art Festival
November 9/11 TCM Competition (Preliminary Round)
November 15/16 TCM Competition
December 9 Performance Juries for Graduation (Vocal/Piano) begin
December 22〜
January 5
Winter Vacation
January 6 Classes resume
January 9 Last day of Classes
January 24 Performance Juries for Graduation (Strings/Wind/Percussion) begin
January 27 Last day of Lessons
January 31 Performance Juries (freshmen/ sophomores/ juniors) begin
March 10 Commencement
March 11 Spring Vacation begin

Senior Staff

-Master of Music-
Two Year Course

Instrumental Music Keyboard, Strings, Winds, Percussion, Chamber Music
Vocal Music Opera, Vocal Solo
Composition Composition
Conducting Conducting
Music Education Music Education, Musicology, Solfège

-Master of Music-
Three Year Course

Doctor of Musical Arts (D.M.A.)
Doctor of Philosophy in Musicology (Ph.D)
Doctor of Philosophy in Music Education (Ph.D)

Senior Staff

Master Degree-Program students & Non-Matriculated Credit-Based-Course students

April 8 Entrance Ceremony
April 9 Orientation (Master’s Degree-Program students)
April 10 Orientation (Non-Matriculated Credit-Based-Course students)
April 12 Medical Check-Up (all except Degree-Program 1st year students)
April 13 Medical Check-Up (Degree-Program 1st year students)
April 15 Classes & lessons begin
April 15 Last day to apply for “Teaching Assistant” (April 1 ~ )
Minor Course Registration
Registration (all Credit-Based-Course students)
April 22 Registration (Degree-Program 2nd year, vocal / composition / conducting /
music education majors)
April 23 Registration (Degree-Program 2nd year, keyboard/ strings/ wind/ percussion/
chamber music majors)
April 24 Registration (Degree-Program 1st year, vocal, composition/ conducting/
music education majors)
April 25 Registration (Degree-Program 1styear, keyboard/ strings/ wind/ percussion/
chamber music majors)
May 1 Foundation Day
June 29 Last Day to submit “Master’s Thesis Title” (June 1〜)
(Degree-Program 2nd –year students)
June Announcement of Final Jury Schedule & Instructions (Degree- Program 2nd –year students/ all Credit-Based-Course students )
June Last Day to submit “The Last Recital Program” & “Program Note”  (Voice majors)
July 6 Voice Juries
September 10
Summer Vacation
*There are some classes & lessons during the vacation.
September 11 Classes & lessons resume
October 12 Last Day to amend Thesis Title (Oct 1〜)
(Degree-Program 2nd –year students)
October 15 Admission applications for 2014-15 due for Master’s Degree Program (Oct 8〜 )
November 1 No classes
Tokyo College of Music Festival
November 5 No classes
November 7 TCM Competition (Preliminary Round): Winds & Percussion
November 11 TCM Competition (Preliminary Round): Strings
November 13 TCM Competition (Final Round): Winds & Percussion
November 20 TCM Competition (Final Round): Strings
22〜 24
Entrance Examinations for 2014 Admission for Master’s Degree Program    
( Results, December 3)
December “A Degree Recital Program” & “Program Note” due
Rehearsal & Jury Schedule Announcement
Master’s Thesis / Composition Submission Deadline will be announced.
December 20~
January 7
Winter Vacation
*There are some classes & lessons.
January 8 Classes & lessons resume
January Rehearsals for Juries begin
January 10 Admission applications for Academic Year 2014-15 due for
Non-Matriculated Credit-Based Course              (January 8〜)
January 11 Classes & lessons end
January 14〜 Final Examinations start:
Performance Juries for Master’s Degree begin
Master’s Thesis Interviews begin
Composition Interviews begin
Year-End Performance Juries begin (Degree-Program 1st year students)
Performance Juries begin (all Credit-Based-Course students)
February Admission applications due for the second year of Non-Matriculated
Credit-Based-Course (Results, late February)
Entrance Examination for Academic Year 2014-15 Non-Matriculated
Credit-Based-Course    (Results, February 26)
Publication of Jury Evaluation (Credit-Based-Course)
Mid March Master’s Degree Recipients Announcement
March 18 Commencement
March 21〜
April 7
Spring Vacation