Degree Programs

Degree Programs

Undergraduate Programs

-Bachelor of Music-

Vocal Music:Vocal Music, Vocal Performance Course
Instrumental Music Piano Course, Piano Performance Course, Piano
Performance Course “Excellence”
Piano and Composition Major Course,
Composer-Pianist Superior Course, Harpsichord, Organ
 Violin, Viola, Cello, Contrabass, Harp, Classical Guitar
  Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, Saxophone
  Trumpet, Horn, Trombone, Euphonium, Tuba, Percussion
Composition Composition for Fine Art / Film Scoring
  E-guitar,base, drums Songwriting
Conducting Conducting
Music Education Applied Music Studies, Applied Instrumental Music Studies, Applied Vocal Music studies.
Liberal Arts Instrumental Music / Vocal Music / Composition / Conducting

Liberal Arts
Symphonic Wind
(April, 2019)

Academic Calendar for 2017

Spring Semester 1st April, 2019 - 30st July, 2019
Summer Vacation:July, 2019 - 13 September, 2019
Fall Semester:14 September, 2019 - 31 March, 2020

Spring Semester April 1 to July 31

April 1 2018- 2019 Academic Year begins
Entrance Ceremony (Welcome Ceremony)
April 1&2 Medical Check-Up
April 1-4 Orientations
April 5 Spring Semester Classes & lessons begin
May 1 School Foundation Day
May 18 & 19 New Campus Grand Opening Ceremony
May 25 & 26 Open Campus
July 23 -30 Mid-year Performance Juries
July 27 Last day of Classes & Lessons

Fall Semester: September 14- March 31, 2020

August 29-
September 1
Orchestra Summer Camp in Shinanomachi,
Nagano Pref.
1 - 7
Music Education - Orchestra / Brass Summer Camp
in Shinanomachi, Nagano Pref.
September 14 Fall Semester Classes & Lessons begin
2 - 5
TCM Art Festival
November 7/8 TCM Competition (Preliminary Round)
November 13/14 TCM Competition
December 2 Performance Juries for Graduation begin
December 22

January 5
Winter Vacation
January 6 Classes resume
January 20 Last day of Classes
January 21 Performance Juries begin
February 28 Audition for internal transfer applicants
March 7 Commencementt
March 8 Spring Vacation begin

Senior Staff

-Master of Music-
Two Year Course

Instrumental Music Keyboard, Strings, Winds, Percussion, Chamber Music
Vocal Music Opera, Vocal Solo
Composition Composition
Conducting Conducting
Music Education Music Education, Musicology, Solfège

-Master of Music-
Three Year Course

Doctor of Musical Arts (D.M.A.)
Doctor of Philosophy in Musicology (Ph.D)
Doctor of Philosophy in Music Education (Ph.D)

Senior Staff

Master Degree-Program students & Non-Matriculated Credit-Based-Course students

April 8 Entrance Ceremony
April 9 Orientation (Master’s Degree-Program students)
April 10 Orientation (Non-Matriculated Credit-Based-Course students)
April 12 Medical Check-Up (all except Degree-Program 1st year students)
April 13 Medical Check-Up (Degree-Program 1st year students)
April 15 Classes & lessons begin
April 15 Last day to apply for “Teaching Assistant” (April 1 ~ )
Minor Course Registration
Registration (all Credit-Based-Course students)
April 22 Registration (Degree-Program 2nd year, vocal / composition / conducting /
music education majors)
April 23 Registration (Degree-Program 2nd year, keyboard/ strings/ wind/ percussion/
chamber music majors)
April 24 Registration (Degree-Program 1st year, vocal, composition/ conducting/
music education majors)
April 25 Registration (Degree-Program 1styear, keyboard/ strings/ wind/ percussion/
chamber music majors)
May 1 Foundation Day
June 29 Last Day to submit “Master’s Thesis Title” (June 1〜)
(Degree-Program 2nd –year students)
June Announcement of Final Jury Schedule & Instructions (Degree- Program 2nd –year students/ all Credit-Based-Course students )
June Last Day to submit “The Last Recital Program” & “Program Note”  (Voice majors)
July 6 Voice Juries
September 10
Summer Vacation
*There are some classes & lessons during the vacation.
September 11 Classes & lessons resume
October 12 Last Day to amend Thesis Title (Oct 1〜)
(Degree-Program 2nd –year students)
October 15 Admission applications for 2014-15 due for Master’s Degree Program (Oct 8〜 )
November 1 No classes
Tokyo College of Music Festival
November 5 No classes
November 7 TCM Competition (Preliminary Round): Winds & Percussion
November 11 TCM Competition (Preliminary Round): Strings
November 13 TCM Competition (Final Round): Winds & Percussion
November 20 TCM Competition (Final Round): Strings
22〜 24
Entrance Examinations for 2014 Admission for Master’s Degree Program    
( Results, December 3)
December “A Degree Recital Program” & “Program Note” due
Rehearsal & Jury Schedule Announcement
Master’s Thesis / Composition Submission Deadline will be announced.
December 20~
January 7
Winter Vacation
*There are some classes & lessons.
January 8 Classes & lessons resume
January Rehearsals for Juries begin
January 10 Admission applications for Academic Year 2014-15 due for
Non-Matriculated Credit-Based Course              (January 8〜)
January 11 Classes & lessons end
January 14〜 Final Examinations start:
Performance Juries for Master’s Degree begin
Master’s Thesis Interviews begin
Composition Interviews begin
Year-End Performance Juries begin (Degree-Program 1st year students)
Performance Juries begin (all Credit-Based-Course students)
February Admission applications due for the second year of Non-Matriculated
Credit-Based-Course (Results, late February)
Entrance Examination for Academic Year 2014-15 Non-Matriculated
Credit-Based-Course    (Results, February 26)
Publication of Jury Evaluation (Credit-Based-Course)
Mid March Master’s Degree Recipients Announcement
March 18 Commencement
March 21〜
April 7
Spring Vacation