Master Class

Master Class

Distinguished visiting performers often give master classes at TCM. This experience enhances performance skills and helps promote the students’ abilities. All majors and minors have opportunities to attend master classes.
Some distinguished artists that have given master classes at TCM since 2008 are:
Federico Agostini, Moshe Atzmon, Felix Ayo, Boris Belkin, Vladimir Feltsman, Robert Howes, Peter Jablonski, Zygmunt Krauze, Wieland Kuijken, Albrecht Mayer, Cristina Ortiz, Isabelle Perrin, Johannes Schöllhorn, Erik Tawaststjerna, Isabelle van Keulen, and Artem Chirkov.

Master Classes for 2017

April 17 Voice Masterclass Luca Gorla
May 8 Percussion Masterclass Simone Rubino
May 10 Voice Masterclass Raffaele Cortes
May 23 / 24 Violin Masterclass Lucie Robert
May 29 Lecture on Composition Dogen Kinowaki
June 7 Cello Masterclass Lluis Claret
June 9 Lecture on “What’s in a Song?” Patricia Shehan Campbell
June 22 Conducting Masterclass Paavo Jarvi
June 26 Wind Ensemble Masterclass James Barnes
September 6 Voice Masterclass Vincenzo Taramelli
September 19 Lecture on Composition Dogen Kinowaki
October 3,4,5 Conducting Masterclass (Violin) Boris Belkin
October 4 Timpani Masterclass Raymond Curfs
October 12 Viola Masterclass Wilfried Strehle
October 14 Voice Work Shop Ricardo Tamura
October 30 Voice Masterclass Ricardo Tamura
October 30 Voice Masterclass Marcella Reale
November 11 Violin Masterclass Shunsuke Sato
November 13 Trumpet Masterclass Pierre Dutot
November 22 Double Bass masterclass Dominic Seldis
November 28 Horn Masterclass Christoph E
December 7 Piano Masterclass Elisso Virsaladze

Master Classes for 2016

April 18 Voice Masterclass Ricardo Tamura
April 18 Flute Masterclass Patrick Gallois
April 28 Lecture on Composition Ivan Fedele
June 9 Cello Masterclass Lluis Claret
June 10 Lecture on Composition Peter Veale
June 13 Voice Masterclass Hiroshi Oga
June 16 Lecture on Composition Yukiko Sugawara
June 27 Percussion Masterclass Adrian Spillett
June 28 Conducting Masterclass Tsugio Tokunaga
July 7 Lecture
(Universality and Variability of Music)
Tsuyoshi Hondou
October 8 Percussion Masterclass Thomas Lechner
October 31 Lecture on Composition David Eagle    A100    17:30〜
October 31 Voice Masterclass Akihiro Shiota    B500    17:30〜
November 16 Euphonium Masterclass Bastien Baumet
November 24 Clarinet Masterclass Philippe Berrod
November 24 Horn Masterclass Johannes Hinterholzer
December 9 Lecture (Conducting Dept.) Tsutomu Ougitani    A100    18:30〜

Master Classes for 2015

May 8 Tuba Masterclass Daniel Perantoni
May 20 Marimba Masterclass David C Panzl
May 27 Violin Masterclass Maxim Vengerov
June 11 Horn Masterclass Szabolcs Zempleni
June 15 Lecture on Contemporary Works and
Tuba (1)
Shinya Hashimoto
June 19 Kyoto City University of Arts & Tokyo
College of Music
Conducting Masterclass
Nobutaka Masui
June 22 Voice Masterclass Makiko Kinoshita
June 26 Flute Masterclass William Bennett
July 16 Voice Masterclass Stefano Mastrangelo
September 14 Voice Masterclass Katherine Paterson
September 18 Composition Lecture- Exploring New
Possibilities for Woodwind Quintet
Slowind Woodwind Quintet
October 7 Trumpet Masterclass Pasi Pirinen
October 16 Lecture on Contemporary Works and
Tuba (2)
Shinya Hashimoto
October 16 Lecture (Composition) FLUX Quartet & Eric Huebner
November 10 Clarinet Masterclass Charles Neidich
December 2 Lecture (Conducting) Tsutomu Ogitani
December 15 Cello Masterclass Hidemi Suzuki
February 22 Voice Masterclass Yuka Takara

Master Classes for 2014

April 16 Cello Masterclass Wen-Sinn Yang
May 15 Violin Masterclass Irina Tseitlin
May 29 Oboe Masterclass Filippe Tondre
June 3 Violin Masterclass Maxim Vengerov
June 20 Trumpet Masterclass Anthony Plog
June 30 Osvaldo Golijov Lecture & Talk
October 2 Flute Masterclass Renate Greiss-Armin
October 10 Composition Masterclass (Accordion)  Stefan Hussong
November 10 Conducting Masterclass Niels Muus
November 19 Harp Masterclass Béatrice Guillermin
November 20 Voice Individual Lessons Vladimir Voronin
December 6  Symposium & Concert Doctoral Course A
Wu Wei
Hong Yoo
December 8 Lecture on Composition Benjamin Attahir
December 15 Lecture  (Cello) Hidemi Suzuki 
December 16 Cello Masterclass Hidemi Suzuki
December 18 Lecture (Conducting) Tsutomu Ogitani

Master Classes for 2013

Jan. 21 Voice Masterclass Marcella Reale
April 16 Cello Masterclass Wen-Sinn Yang
April 23 Violin Individual Lessons Koh Gabriel Kameda
June 3 Composition Lecture Allain Gaussin
June 25/26 Cello Lecture / Masterclass Hidemi Suzuki
July 8 Composition Lecture Michiko Hirayama / Maki Ohta
July 9 Conducting Masterclass Boris Belkin
July 11 Percussion Masterclass / Individual Lessons Bogdan Bacanu / The Wave Quartet
October 4 Voice Masterclass / Individual Lessons Julio Alexis Munoz
October 18  Composition Lecture Zbigniew Skowron
October 21 Composition Lecture Gaku Yamada
October 29 Euphnium Masterclass David Childs
November 14 Percussion Masterclass / Individual Lessons Isao Nakamura
November 19 Voice Masterclass Raffaele Cortesi
December 3 String Quartet Masterclass Szymanowski Quartet
December 4 Voice Individual Lessons Raffaele Cortesi
October, 12&13 Baroque Cello Master class & Lecture Hidemi Suzuki
January 15 Bass-Trombone Masterclass / Performance Paul Milner
October, 25&26 Percussion/Orchestra Master Class: Michel Vladar
November, 4 Cello Master Class & Individual Lesson: Luis Claret
November, 16 Piano Individual Lesson: Christopher Elton
December, 6 Conducting Master Class: Pietari Inkinen
January, 21 Tuba Lecture: Shinya Hashimoto