Special Programs

Special Programs (Non-Degree Programs)

Traditional Japanese Music

Open to all students of all majors except the Film Scoring majore. Traditional Japanese instruments - shakuhachi, koto, biwa and shamisen - classes are offered to students at every level. Students also have opportunities to take individual lessons with top professionals in Japan on each instrument. The college owns the above instruments ― shakuhachi, koto, biwa, and shamisen.

Jazz Improvisation

Jazz Improvisation is a unique curriculum open to all majors and instruments at the college. Individual or group lessons are divided into beginning, intermediate, intermediate-advanced and advanced levels. Various styles and methods are used giving the students a good base of knowledge and abilities in modern Jazz.
Students reaching the intermediate level and above, are given Jazz Combo once a week to hone their skills. There are various opportunities to perform in concert halls, Jazz clubs, festivals and events. Master classes have been
given by Branford Marsalis, Donald Harrison, and Peter Jablonsky, to name a few. Graduates from the program have performed throughout the world, with many going abroad to continue their studies.

Institute of Ethnomusicology
Indonesian Gamelan

The Institute of Ethnomusicology offers students rare opportunities to study traditional Indonesian music. It offers three levels of classes ― Gamelan I (basic class), Gamelan II (intermediate class), and Gamelan III (advanced class). The institute also holds Open Classes on Indonesian Gamelan (Central Java) and dance and on other various types of traditional music in Asia throughout the year.

For further information, please contact at minzoku-ongaku@tokyo-ondai.ac.jp