Welcome to Tokyo College of Music


Welcome to our home page. Tokyo College of Music is an institute with a long tradition. For 100 years, the college has been playing a leading role in Western music education in Japan. Our commitment is to provide students with a distinguished education which enables them to contribute significantly both nationally and internationally throughout their musical lives. Allow me to take this opportunity to introduce our new president, concert pianist, Prof. Minoru Nojima.

Katsutoshi Suzuki
Chairman of the Board


As the new president, I would like to welcome you to our updated website. Tokyo College of Music is an institute with a vibrant environment. Students are busy with their instrumental training, academic studies, and extensive performance experiences. To develop the students’ artistic potential fully, a liberal arts education is a vital for undergraduates. It shows them how diverse elements influence music. We strive to prepare them as individuals with a broad perspective. In this vigorous atmosphere, the students inspire and challenge each other to further their understanding of music and increase their joy and love for this wonderful art form.

Minoru Nojima